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Geniuses and lunatics By Hongzhou Wu

Geniuses and lunatics By Hongzhou Wu  This is a MOSTLY true account of my time at CTY.
CONTENTS  ※Chapter One: The coming  ※Chapter Two: The arriving  ※Chapter Three: The introduction 
  The day was a stormy one. Rain clouds quickly scurried over Shenzhen Baoan(宝安) Airport,  fleeing from the wind howling in the skies above. Rain pattered heavily on the oval windows of the airplane, washing the dust of 3,000 feet from them. Rain splashed onto the already sodden ground, forming little  flowers that blossomed in one instant and withered the next. However, none of this was noticeable to the girl in aisle 46, seat A, completely absorbed in her book. She read on, totally captivated by the book.  Above her, a passenger announcement blared to life. “Ladies and gentlemen, this plane is 
about to take off. Please check your seat belts … We are about to take off.”    This last sentence caught her attention. She put a bookmark in the book and closed it.  As she did so, the plane, an Air China Boein…

Where Are My Writers?

It's September. School has started or will start very soon. Where are my writers?

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